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I am not sure if this is the right category but the experience I had this morning is unlike anything I have ever had and it was not a dream but, honestly, I donít know what it can be described as. Here is a little background; I have known this man Tyson, for over 7 years. We have a very close relationship, we speak every day, and although we have never physically met each other I have come to love him. I go to bed most nights thinking of him. He lives in New York and I live in Idaho, so there is a two hour time difference between us. This morning at 4:00 am I was awakened by this overwhelming feeling of Tyson being with me, I heard him call my name, I felt his presence and I was momentarily confused about where I was because of the urgency with which I woke up. I grabbed my phone to send him a text message but never actually sent the message; I just lay back down and attempted to sleep again. About two hours later, I woke up for the day and felt this overwhelming need to tell him about my experience earlier that morning. He then told me that at 6:00 am, his time, he woke up and called out to me, he said it felt like I was there but that he could not find me and he needed to call out to me. I have never had something like this happen before and I believe him when he says this happened to him as well. My question is what could cause this type of experience? I feel like he is my soul mate, but again, we have never actually met in person so it seems really odd to me that his presence could be so strong and that he had the same experience at the same time. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

My primary reaction to your situation is how you can feel that you are in love with someone you have never met. From personal experience, it is possible to feel very close to someone in a "distance" relationship. My guess is that you are feeling some kind of infatuation or some kind of fantasy.  I think you're trying to make it more mystical than it really is. Joel


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