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I'm 16 years old and things happen to me since i can remember.

My situation kind of freaks me out, to be honest but i never faced or could perfectly describe anything... I'm mostly alone at home and it's a quite big house. This doesn't scare me because i like being for myself. What REALLY scares me are these things i see from the side angles of my eyes. It happens throughout the day i.e. when I'm walking around in my house or outside where there are a few objects around. When it's dark i see black "things" from the side angles (person-shaped or just a flying ball) and as soon as i look to that place this things flies away really fast or there's nothing there OR it's just some bush or another object. I also feel persecuted when there's no one around after that.
This just happened to me recently: I was looking for my keys in the living room of my friend's house and out of nothing i saw something in front of the wall and it looked like a scary short figure with a wide smile. As soon as i turned around to check what it was, there was absolutely nothing standing in front of this wall. Am i just crazy or is there any other explanation for me seeing these things? I also believe in ghosts, shadow persons, and ET's. Could this be leading my mind to imagine crazy stuff?

Thanks for taking your time to read this. This has concerned me for a very long time.

What you describe may be similar to something like "shadow people" phenomenon.  I'd not presume that it is anything supernatural(not right away, anyway).  Sometimes I have seen "dark" things out of the edge of vision, and it has made me turn my head to look (and nothing is there). It was very fast, and it made enough of an impression to make me look.  My guess is it was some kind of optical illusion.  Such things may also be due to something like fatigue or stress. Once, out of the edge of my vision, I was sure I saw a fan working on the bathroom ceiling, but it wasn't.  It was late at night, and I was ready for bed.  Eyes can play tricks.  I wonder, too, if a person's creative ability may often cause them to see "strange" things.  Imagination can, I think, influence perception.  I'd suggest that if you see unusual things, how about drawing or sketching them, or writing about them in a journal?  These may help you understand them.  Joel


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