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Hi. I have met many psychics and some have been wrong with their predictions. I do wonder, how do I know if a psychic is fake? How do I know if one is real?

I had psychics ask me for money so they can "heal" me or they say I have a curse on myself and they can remove it.

Psychics and mediums have been tested and studied by scientists for over a century.  A major reason was because spiritualism was believed to validate that we have a soul, thus combatting Darwinism that said that we are a higher animal.  Early studies of mediums were classic, one of the most famous was of the entity "Katie King."  Houdini, the magician, exposed many psychics.  Many psychics do what magicians call a "cold reading."  If you look on Amazon, there are a number of books about it, or about how to be a psychic.  A "cold reading" is like careful listening where the psychic gives messages from cues from the sitter (or client).  Personally, I think that can be a genuine psychic, who is on the level, but one should be skeptical.  I read tarot cards and I can assure there is absolutely no fakery.  It is my opinion of the cards and a client should use his/her own judgment.  I do not say that they predict the future, but they can be insightful.  Joel


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