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QUESTION: Dob for me is July 15 1991 my aunt died in my bedroom when I was ten she asked me before she died to make sure she was cremated that didn't happen her dob oct/31/1968 is she actually died on Christmas and was born on Halloween is she at peace and watching over me and her children can you tell her I love her

ANSWER: What is your question? If you're asking about telling your grandmother that you love her, you can always do that.

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QUESTION: I would like to know if you could communicate with her in some way her name is Terrie her bday is October 31st 1968 is there anything she wants me to know or her children to know

We can't know if those who have passed may have something to tell us. It is possible, but thinking they have a message avoids the reality of death.  We can remember them and trust the eternal hope.  My mother died in 2013.  It's been tough, but remembering stories have helped immensely.  They live inside of us.  


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