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I teach in a rural school and have a student I am concerned about.  He is a bright senior who is gifted in art and writing.  He scored a 28 on his Act. He can draw detailed pictures extraordinarily fast and his writing is lucid and profound.  His penmanship is exquisite.  However, he never talks unless asked a question
and then he responds in barely audible one to three word answers.  He dresses oddly and does not seem to have any friends.  There is no record of special testing or interventions. I would like to give him some guidance and support as he will graduate this spring.  What kind of programs help older gifted students who do not interact with others? Are there colleges where his creativity would be developed and that would provide some social interventions?  It is painful to think about what his future might bring because after 30+ years teaching, he may be the most gifted student I have had,

I would suggest that you try to connect with his family. They are going to be the ones who will have to help him navigate after graduation. I would recommend that you talk to your school counselor to find out what kind of community resources are available or if there are any groups or individual counseling opportunities at school. You could initiate a social skills group, such as a lunch bunch, with a few students who have similar needs. Is he planning to go to college? You may be able to help him with that process.
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