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Hello. I'm trying to create a thesis statement for my high school AP English research paper. My topic is the origin of hip hop and its founders. My first thesis attempt is as follows: While many people enjoy hip hop, many do not know where it was actually created, who founded it, and all the factors associated along with it.


I assume that you will go on to explore for the reader where it was created, who created it, and the factors associated with it. Your thesis, however, requires you to show that not many people know about these things, not what they actually are.

A better thesis might be:

Although many people who enjoy hip hop know very little about where it arose, who founded it, and the circumstances surrounding its creation, the story of that creation is fascinating and compellingly describes the music itself, the people who brought it to prominence, and the cultural setting in which arose and thrives today.

Hope this helps.

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