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hi, would you plz help me withe following q:
what is the difference between thesis and dissertation?

Hi Yaghoob,

I'm not sure what the question has to do with the stated subject "cohesion and coherence". Both a thesis and dissertation should have cohesion and coherence. On the difference between the two:

In universities and colleges in this country both a thesis and a dissertation are usually major research papers that are the capstone project in pursuit of an academic degree. Thesis is usually associated with a master's degree and sometimes with a bachelor's degree. If the latter it is usually distinguished from the graduate paper by calling it a "senior thesis."

Dissertation is usually the capstone research project for the Doctorate.

But this varies by country and sometimes by academic discipline and even the specific school, and I have no idea what the practice is in your country.

So I'm referring you to the Wikipedia entry on "Thesis" for a more full explanation.

Unfortunately, it does not cover Iran.

Hope this helps.  

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