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Would you edit the following sentence? How is it? Does it have any mistakes?

"Peter, to tell you the truth, there are grammar questions I cannot find their answers, no matter however hard I try."

Thank you very much

"Peter, to tell you the truth there are grammar questions for which I cannot find answers no matter how hard I try."

Even better would be,"Peter, to tell you the truth I cannot find answers for some grammar questions no matter how hard I try."

It is probably OK to put a comma after "truth," but I don't think there is a strong enough separation between those dependent phrases to make it necessary.

Try to avoid phrasing thing as variants of "to be" as in "there are." Asserting existence is never as strong as asserting action. In the variant of the sentence you gave me your primary verb is one of existence, not action, and that is always a weaker construction. So avoid variations of that when possible.

Hope this helps.

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