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I have a question. Which choice is correct? Please explain your reasons.

a) The Karamazov Brothers has been translated by Mr. Ignat Avsey.

b) The Karamazov Brothers is translated by Mr. Ignat Avsey.

c) The Karamazov Brothers was translated by Mr. Ignat Avsey.

Thank you very much. Best

They are all grammatically correct. b) is odd, but still grammatically correct. a) and c) mean the same thing, so I can't think of any reason to choose between them. The meaning of b) is unclear. Does it mean the translation is in progress? But this is not a problem of grammar. It is a problem of meaning.

The issue is of tense. Tense should always reflect reality. If Mr. Avsey is in the process of translating the book, the verb should be "is translating." If he's through with the task, one of the past-tense sentences is correct.

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