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Question a student and im going to have fce examination but ihave some problems in writing an essay i want you to give some benefitial advices to me.
thanks alot.

Hi Ali,

The question is not very specific, but in general when you have to write something you should research the topic carefully and be sure you have enough to say on the topic. Most people advise outlining your topic first and then beginning to write. In this way, you'll be more likely to have a clear progression of your thinking. Beyond that, be careful with grammar and syntax. In your question to me you were not very careful. If you want to write well when it's important, you have to practice writing well even when it is not terribly important. If you practice writing poorly, even when you're on a smart phone or tablet, you will become a poor writer. So always make sure you get even minor things like capitalization and punctuation right. Yes, it's inconvenient. But when you write something you are not writing for yourself. You're writing for whoever is going to read it, and your obligation as a writer is to make it easy for them to read.

One last note. Any amount of "advice" is always just "avice," not "advices."

Hope this helps.

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