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Butch Malahide wrote at 2013-01-25 06:18:54
The second story is "The Devil Was Sick" by Bruce Elliott. The original idea the student comes up with (so he can go into space and catch up with his girlfriend) is to summon a demon. He then takes the demon to the psychiatrist to be cured.

Butch Malahade wrote at 2013-01-26 19:15:45
On second thought, that can't be the one, because it's not all that short, about 8 pages. Never mind!

Lencho of the Apes wrote at 2013-03-16 02:02:39
I remember the first story clear as anything. It was published in F&SF and I'm pretty sure I read it in the Best Of F&SF hardback annual. A 50s edition. The title was A Horror House For The Vroom... EXCEPT that some of the words were misspelled cuz the vroom were only semi-literate... so something like "A Horrer Howse For The Vroom." I just came into google looking for that story... if I find it, I'll swing by a second time.  

Bruce Fleury wrote at 2014-07-13 19:08:33
Finally found it, several years after the initial post! Mulling over your answers recently, the vital clue you provided was the misspelling of horror house as "howce", and my recollection of the Voom as the Vroom, both of which kept me from finding it via google. Horror Howce was written by Margaret St. Clair, and  was first published in Galaxy in 1956. Reprints include "Galaxy - 30 years of innovative science fiction" in 1980, and also "The Best of Margaret St. Clair". Not often something you remembered as cool when you were 12 years old turns out to be every good as you recalled, but this story is great. Thank you all for helping me find it! (Never did find the dissertation story, the search goes on...)

simon wrote at 2016-02-19 02:13:19
Thank you for this Lencho and Bruce !

Also read this as a lad in the early 80's back in the UK - it's always stuck with me, really scared me quite nicely at the time. Likewise wrongly Remembered "Vroom" but didn't have a full title or author, think it was in a very discounted US anthology from my local Woolworths.

Again many thanks as i can find it again now !


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