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Hi Bill,  
I am trying to remember title /author of a book I read years ago. The basic plot was a planet where existed a totally non-violent pacifist society. I believe it was their religion.  Members went into a chamber and put on a head set type device where their violent thoughts and images were "expelled" from their brains.  A spaceship crash lands on the planet and an outsider is introduced into the non violent community.  Hope this is enough info to go by, any help you might have in identifying this book would be very appreciated.
I also asked you a question a few weeks ago, about a book where the universe was an entity or being and the space travel was acting like  a  cancer and slowly destroying its cells.  I have since discovered that book. It was The Unreasoning Mask by Phillip Jose Farmer. Not sure if you have read that one, but thought you and the readers of this forum would be interested.  I have located it, and I am currently re-reading the book. Great Fun.
thanks so much for your help and comments

Hi Rich,

I'm glad to hear that you found the Farmer book you were looking for.  I checked my collection, and, you are right, it is one of his books I never read.

As for your current question, I'm afraid I can't help you.  If I ever read it, I've forgotten.  Sorry.


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