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I'm trying to remember a book/series I read a long time ago.  In the prolog it describes how a colony was isolated from earth due to the supernova of a nearby star which disrupted the systems "Jump Points".  Three Earth warships and a passenger liner were trapped in the system.  The first book of the series begins decades later with the detection of a Grand Fleet warship jumping into the system. A ship is dispatched to investigate and discovers that the ship is abandoned, on autopilot and had suffered heavy battle damage.  The existence of the ship demonstrated that the jump points were once again working and the local government orders a task force assembled to go through the jump point and re-establish communications with earth and the other colonies.   I believe it is in the second book when the find another colony and the alien race the warship was fighting.  Any idea of the Title, Series or Author? Thanks.

Hi Bill,

In this case, I know the answer to your question.  That is not always true.

The books in the series were Antares Dawn and Antares Passage.  Michael McCollum was the author. Del Rey (Ballantine) was the publisher.  They were published in 1986 and 1987.  I enjoyed the series when I read it, so when I read your description, I knew the series you were looking for.


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