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Many years ago I read a book that I would like to reread on my tablet, but can't remember the title or the author, however I do remember the basic plot.
  A doctor is researching a cure for his father who suffers from Alzheimer's and runs out of funding so he tests the drug on himself.  He discovers that the drug increases reflex speed so to fund his research he starts participating in sporting events that require fast reflexes, such as boxing.

sorry - never read this one.  But I can highly recommend a short story in a similar vein titled Flowers for Algernon, by Keyes.  It was later expanded into a novel.  The short story is collected in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, volume I.  It was also made into a dreadful movie.  The short story is the best of the three versions.

Good luck finding your book, and hope you enjoy Flowers for Algernon.  

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Engineer who has read thousands of science fiction books and short stories. Can recommend stories on specific subjects and comment on technical feasibility. Especially good at older out-of-print books and authors.

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