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one was a book about alien animal hunters where the premise was that if a mother carrying young was shot at and survived the baby that lived was immune to that weapon used on mother and it talked about other hunts as well thruout book

another one was in 70's where it had a spaceship in background in front was a man carrying a woman
inside was a mixture of stories one was about goldbugs
i loved the cover so much i painted a copy for myself and lost the book over the years
it was kinda a night scene with pointed rocket ship
i would be very apprecitive of any help you can offer thank you

Hi Anthony,

I don't think I can help with your first book.  It sounds interesting, but I don't remember reading it,  Of course, I may have read it and just forgot.

As for the second book, do you remember anything else about the book?  Could it have been an Ace Book, for instance?  The reason why I ask is that all my Ace Books are together, and they would be easier to search.  Do you remember who did the cover?  If I knew that, I might be  able to find it.

I am not sure what you mean by goldbugs.  Sometimes that is a person (one who is fascinated by gold) or do you mean bugs that were colored gold?


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