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I am writing a paper on the (implicit) utopia in dytopian novels, with William Gibson's "Neuromancer" as its main focus. I was wondering if there are any specific utopian elements, or ideas of what "a good life" is, that are typical for Cyberpunk, or for 80's/90's sci-fi in general.
I know it's a bit comlicated, but any help would be appreciated :).

Thank you!

Well, obviously, the concept of the "Technological Singularity" is inherent in the whole Cyberpunk genre. This invariably involves some form of increasing complexity, with the eventual aim of attaining the "Omega Point", the ultimate level of complexity in the Universe.

Cyberpunk also usually has a Japanese cultural influence in it, echoing Japanese economic dominance in the 1980s. Come to think of it, all the various themes explored in Neuromancer are already mentioned online:-

I would strongly recommend also reading Bruce Sterling's book "Schismatrix Plus" as it is one of the definitive Cyberpunk books. The novel and its short stories mainly focuses on the struggle between two factions, Shapers (who practise genetic engineering, the use of drugs, and eugenics to improve themselves) and Mechanists(who use either cyborganic enhancements or upload their minds into electronic interfaces). In the end the protagonist in "Schismatrix"  becomes  truly "posthuman" when he transcends beyond his physical form to become something quite alien.


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