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i am trying to locate a short that i read years ago. i don't remember the title/author. an old jewish gentleman gets three wishes, with the proviso that his worst enemy will get twice as much.
the first wish is basically wasted. he wishes for 10 pounds of chopped chicken liver. his neighbor down the hall gets 20 pounds.
i think the next wish is for 10 million dollars. neighbor gets 20 million.
the third wish is diabolical. he wishes for a beautiful woman who loved only him and 'exactly matched his sexual appetite'.
story ends with screams from his neighbor's apartment.
can you assist me? thanks.

Hi Fred,

I'll have to think about it.  I know there have been some collections of Jewish SF short stories, but I don't recall this particular story.  I will see what I can find.


Hi again,

There are two anthologies, of course, the story you are looking for may not have been anthologized, I don't know.

The first is Wandering Stars edited by Jack Dann.

and the second is More Wandering Stars edited by Jack Dann.

These are the places (books) I would look, first.


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