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I am dyslexic and had a hard time learning to tread. My first book I loved was a book about a young earth boy shanghaied to a mining planet/asteroid to become a houseboy. Substance mined was sort of magic in that it brought the necessary things needed to win in any situation. He makes friends with a young woman and they escape. I thought the name of the old (1960's)book was Synchronicity, but when I search I just don't find it. Cover art I think was a head shot of the boy with an alien planet in the backdrop.

Hi Beverly,

I believe I know the book you remember.  If I am correct, then the book is "The Secrets of Synchronicity" by Jonathan Fast.  It was published by Signet in 1977.

Here is a link to the entry for it in the ISFDB, which includes a thumbnail picture of the cover.

I haven't read this book.  But I have a copy of it in my collection.  I would not have been able to find the book if you hadn't given me the "Synchronicity" title to work with.  That was the clue that I needed.


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