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QUESTION: I remember reading as a kid a sci-fi book but can't remember the name. It started off about the human race sending out seeding ships across the galaxy. 1 would have plants and later another would arrive with insects. For some reason the higher life form ship crashed or never arrived. For some reason due to war?, the planet was forgotten and the insects grew to enormous size. Then man found the planet again and had to survive on it. I believe they had medical devices on them that when they got stung by a plant or animal they were automatically injected with an antidote. Do you know of this book? I am unsure if this is one book I am talking about or 2 different books, its been a long time since I read them.

ANSWER: Hi james,

Off hand, I don't know the book.  When you say you were a kid, was the book written for readers your age?  Could an adult have enjoyed the book, too, do you think?


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QUESTION: I am 47 so it was in the 80's I read it or them and was written for adults or at least older teens. Book was in hardcover 1 or both if the story is just one. Had no art but a spine title as I recall.


This is my standard reply when I don't know the answer to a question.

You might want to try Amazon's SF forum*Version*=1&*entrie

Somebody there may know the book you are looking for.

It is possible that I DID read your book but if I did I don't remember it, now.


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