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Dear Sue Kayton,

I read a book that I believe was published in the late 70s or perhaps even early 80s. It was part of a random collection of science fiction and fantasy paperbacks that had been my father`s before he passed away.  I loved it but the book was lost and I am not able to recall the title or author.
The novel concerned small creatures living in a world of predatory plants. I imaged them as small primate creatures although I can`t recall if they were referred to as such in the book. The opening pages narrate a few of the primates moving through their world and one of them is eaten by a plant. Also above the jungle lived giant spiders that spun webs between worlds.
I wish I could provide more details. I have been searching for this book for many years hoping I would come across it in a used book store or online but have had no luck. I have nostalgia attached to this book, memories of my father and his love of those old science fiction and fantasy paperbacks.
Thank you for your time and attention,

Sorry - haven't read this one.  Good luck finding it.

The only book with predatory plants that I can think of is Deathworld by Harry Harrison, and that's definitely not it.  There's also an excellent short story titled Green Patches (also published as Misbegotten Missionary) by Isaac Asimov, which appears in the excellent anthology Nightfall and Other Stories.  Again, not your story, but worth reading.

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