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I'm trying to find more information about a couple of books I read in junior school - which would be the late 60s/early 70s.

One followed a group of children that were born and lived on an orbiting wheel like space station. I think there may have been a series. My brain is telling me there is the letter Z somewhere in the title or the name of the main characters but that could be a red herring.

The second was about a British moon rocket expedition with a single pilot. There is a race with a Russian equivalent and, I seem to remember, some mishap befalls the Russian and the British chap goes off to rescue him. I think he travelled around in some kind of tank-like vehicle.

Not sure if they were written in the 50s or 60s but any help you can give identifying gratefully received.

Hi Pete,

I'm not sure about the first one, the book (or series) about the children living on the station.  I may have been too old for it (them?) then.

The second one sounds like something I might have read.  It has some familiar elements.  I am trying to think of some way to  connect it with a book or an author.  If I come up with anything, I will let you know.


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