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Sometime during the past couple of years, I read in an anthology a sci-fi story about an industrial type robot (large machine, not humanoid shaped) working on some planet (can't remember what it was doing, maybe mining?) and it ends up saving a human boy.  The robot told the story in, I believe, first person.  I liked it so much that I wrote to the author.  I have scoured the house looking for it, can't find it now in any of my anthologies and can't remember the author's name.

When I was a teenager, I read another story in a large, black volume of the best sci-fi stories of the year, whatever that year the book was - could have been anywhere from the 50s through the 60s.  In the story, a man was trapped in a fast filling tank of water and in his panic, suddenly transported out of it. There was a work for it, maybe "jaunting?"  Can't remember.  The story went on to tell the results of this new ability in the world in general, including now having to keep prisoners in total darkness underground or they would be able to jaunt out of there.  What was that story?

Thanks so much.

This is the only work I have heard of in which jaunting appears as a term:-

"The Stars My Destination" by Alfred Bester.

There is another  second story by Stephen King, "The Jaunt" but the term "jaunt" is borrowed by Stephen King from Alfred Bester, and it is definitely not the story you are looking for.

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