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I read a short story a while ago and I can't remember the author or title, so I have no idea if it's well-known.

I remember that the premise involved some people being able to leave their bodies and exist just as a sort of independent consciousness, but temporarily "possess" empty bodies of their choice. There was some sort of warehouse-type building where they stored different bodies that could be used to do work, and I recall that the female character was concerned with her appearance and wanted to possess the prettiest body available. There was also a separate group of people, ordinary humans I believe, who were afraid of this new "race" and thought it was unnatural for them to do this, which led to them being at war.

I realize this is very vague, but I'd appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks in advance!

Hi A,

I donít have an answer for you, yet, but I am working on it and I thought I could let you know what I was doing.

The good news is that I remember that story, too.  Unfortunately, I donít remember who wrote it.  You remember the story slightly differently than I do, but your version may be more accurate, for all I know.  If I do find the story, then we will be able to tell.  I donít remember the story in any detail, but I remember the warehouse-type buildings.  As I recall, the bodies for the men were based on famous athletes and movie stars of the day.

I donít know if you know who the artist Wally (Wallace) Wood is (was).  I am fairly sure that when the story was originally published, it was published in Galaxy magazine and it may have been illustrate by Wood, but that is just a guess.  My first guess for the author was Robert Sheckley, but I canít find the story in any of his collections, so that is probably wrong.

There is no guarantee that I will find the story by going through my back issues of Galaxy, but I might, and I donít know any other, better, way of finding it.


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