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Hi Geoff.

I remember reading an SF story a long time ago about a man who has to spend time on a space station with an alien.  The alien is huge and the sweat or secretions from this alien are of some sort of benefit to mankind (I can't remember why).  The Alien is contained in one part of the space station while its 'juices' are collected in massive tanks.  The man is in the other part of the station monitoring the process.  The ship has an AI to keep the man company, but something about being in close proximity to this alien next door gradually drives the man insane.  It seems that every time this meeting between a human and this alien species happens, the human goes insane, but its an acceptable sacrifice for harvesting this alien juice every xx years.

I've been reading science fiction - novels and short stories - ever since I was a kid.  I've recently got a Kindle and I'm trying to hunt down some the old stories I remember reading.

I thought it might have been one of Asimov's shorts in Buy Jupiter, but I'm just getting to the end of that collection and I haven't found it.

Does my description of the story ring any bells?  Any idea what this story is called please, and/or who the author is?
And if the story or the collection its in is available for Kindle?

Many thanks

The short story you are looking for is called "Stranger Station" by Damon Knight. It appears in the following anthologies published before 1982:-

No idea re more modern anthologies, but a  more recent "best of damon knight " SF anthology might have the story as it is quite popular.


PS:- Here is  a quick online review of that story just to reassure you:-

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