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QUESTION: I am looking for a sci fi book (Actually series) that features a woman as the captain of a ship.  Her love interest is an alien who has chosen her (unbeknownst to her) as his mate.  His species hunts down any other males who violate the mate bond they establish.  In one of the books in the series (space opera, or military sci fi genre), a group of hunters from his planet are searching for a human male who violated a different bonded pair.


I probably won't be able to answer your question, but I find it very interesting.  Maybe you could supply some additional information.  Do you remember when (approximately) the series was published?  Do you remember if any of the books in the series were published in hardcover, or was it exclusively a paperback series?  Was her ship FTL?  Were the many other starfaring races (with their own systems/cultures)?  Can you think of anything else that might give me a clue?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I am really vague on the details.  I know that I had the books all in paperback and there were at least three, maybe four in the series.  I probably read them in the early to mid -90s and may even still have them in paperback in storage.  All I can remember is that the woman is the protagonist and I believe in the first book she earns her role as captain of her ship.  I can't remember if she is the captain of a military or a  trader ship, but am leaning toward military.  It could have been an FTL ship.  I do know that there were several well developed alien species.  The focus was definitely not on the romance aspect, but for some reason, that is what sticks in my memory.  The alien species was vaguely wolf like (humanoid, with wolf attributes, males with long flowing hair and a highly develope sense of smell) and I do remember that the author gives a good description of the  scenting behaviour of the hunting party that boards the captain's ship.  She ends up giving them her crew member who violated their rules if I remember correctly.  I think that happened in the second or third book of the series.

I have been searching all day today trying to find a hint.  Thought maybe it was Elizabeth Moon or Debra Doyle, et al, but no.  I will try to remember some more details.

Hi Aly,

I am wondering if maybe the series you remember was published by DAW Books.  I collected DAW Books for a long time, but after a while I stopped reading them, and, eventually, I stopped buying them. too.  I think they probably published some worthy series, but I can't tell you what they were. *sigh*


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