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I am looking for a sci fi book (Actually series) that features a woman as the captain of a ship.  Her love interest is an alien who has chosen her (unbeknownst to her) as his mate.  His species hunts down any other males who violate the mate bond they establish.  In one of the books in the series (space opera, or military sci fi genre), a group of hunters from his planet are searching for a human male who violated a different bonded pair.

sorry, haven't read this one.  good luck finding it.  I can recommend a book that you may like - features relationships between characters in a sci-fi setting.  Title is Enemy Mine by Barry Longyear.  Out of print for years, but worth hunting down.  Skip the awful movie and read the original book instead.

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Engineer who has read thousands of science fiction books and short stories. Can recommend stories on specific subjects and comment on technical feasibility. Especially good at older out-of-print books and authors.

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