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I read a book in 1960 about a young man who finds himself looking into a mystery about where he lives. As he moves along he finds that his 'world' has a business 'land', an 'agri' land and, upon climbing a forbidden mountain he finds a hatch in the 'sky' which leads into a mechanical 'land'. As the story unfolds the 'world' is a giant ship in space traveling to a new planet to replace the one that they had to leave behind. He helps put the off track ship back on flight plan and they discover the new world to settle. 55 years has taken the name and I'd like to revisit the book again. Can you help?

The closest match I can think of is Universe by Robert Heinlein, a series of short stories collected into a book.  The "world" is a giant ship in space traveling to a new planet.  I don't recall a separate business world and agri world.  Hope this is your story.  "Universe" appears in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, volume 2A and you should be able to find this book used on  

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