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I am trying to track down these two stories to re-read; TBH: This are reconstructed from a dim and cluttered memory. Both stories are likely to have been published pre-1985.

Story one: A parable about human understanding: The metaphor being expressed through a story about ants who live next to a railway siding, and whose world is turned upside down when a fast train goes through. It is possible that the story continues when an explorer ant travels to Chicago by train and returns.

Story two: An ancient (Martian?) and poorly understood race that is composed of near immortal beings that are shaped liked pyramids. Upon establishing communication, it is revealed that the principle feeling of these beings is that they are virtually unable to die, and utterly tired. These beings are part of a larger story arc that involves humans and other beings as well.

First story - closest I can think of are a set of three novels by Terry Pratchett.  Truckers.  Diggers.  Wings.  not ants, but small critters that hitch a ride on a truck to the big world.

Second one - probably the short story  A Martian Odyssey, by Stanley Weinbaum, the first story in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, volume 1, one of my favorite books.  Martians shaped like pyramids.  Very old and very tired.  

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