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Valerie wrote at 2015-10-05 22:36:33
Edmond Hamilton's story "Fessenden's Worlds" is about a scientist who has a miniature galaxy.

Theodore Sturgeon's "Microcosmic God" is a bout a scientist who created miniature creatures that evolved rapidly.

There is a third about a consortium of people who created a civilization, and I'm still looking for specifics.

I am aware that there are no children "owners" in these stories. If stories are so similar to the writer's description that I think of them strongly and immediately, I usually post them anyway, if the similarities to description are strong enough.

If I remember correctly, the children in "Mimsy" owned devices but not living creatures.  

Valerie wrote at 2015-10-05 22:41:56
Dang. As soon as I sent the previous addition, I remembered Ray Bradbury's classic "Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!"

Of course they were not terrestrial mushrooms, and they were being raised by children, and the lights probably were out. Until Dad stumbled in.

Now this resembles the description well enough to be scary!

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