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I have read many years ago a short Science Fiction story and I will be glad to  find the autor and the title so i can read again and show it to some friends.
The story was about about a  Physics professional who is working on an a very innovative idea. The physic is contacted by a misterius benefactor, who lure im in a lot of gratifing accademical and social activities, until him has no more time to do reserch. In the last page you understand that the misterius benefactor is a kind of extra-terestrial, committed to block, in these gratifing but efficient method to block all scientific development likely to be harmfull.
Thenovel show suble humor about the environment of scientific entrepreneus versus researcher.
Thank you for attention and best regard

I strongly suspect that the story you are looking for is called "Speed Trap" written in 1967 by Frederik Pohl. The story can be found in a number of anthologies:-

Day Million, Ballantine 1970
Transit of Earth, ed. Editors of Playboy, Playboy 1971
The Best of Frederik Pohl, Nelson Doubleday 1975

also present in more current anthology:-


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