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QUESTION: When I was in school (1990's), I borrowed a collection of science fiction short stories from the library that included "Who Goes There?" I can't remember if it was Analog, or Year's Best Science Fiction or another collection. I vaguely remember some other story about a child who had a whole civilization in (a box?) in his bedroom. I think his sibling wanted to damage it. Does that collection or that story ring a bell? I'd love to get the collection but if not, at least that other story. I wish I remembered more!

ANSWER: The Science Fiction Hall of Fame in in several volumes.  

Volume 1: (Mimsy Were the Borogroves, civilization in a box in his bedroom),_Volume_One,_1929%

Volume 2: (Who Goes There),_Volume_Two
or you can download the PDF of the story to read it

There are more volumes to the hall of fame - 3A, 3B, and 4.  All excellent.  Buy them on


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QUESTION: Sorry--I think that's not the story I was looking for.

In thinking it over, could it have been in a collection with a short story called (or about) "The Bends"?

(I think I recall it has to do with decompression sickness in divers.)

I think I recalled Who Goes There, The Bends and this story about the children with the civilization in a bedroom (under a bed? in a box?). I vaguely (and perhaps incorrectly) recall something about lights being turned off.

Thanks again for your patience!

Don't know of any story called The Bends.  Found one called The Bend of Time written by William Danton, from the anthology More Science Fiction Tales, ed. Roger Elwood, Random House 1974

Who Goes There was the inspiration for the movie The Thing, and is one of my favorite stories.

The other story plot doesn't sound familiar with a civilization under the bed.  Good luck finding it.  The only SF that I am familiar with that involves the bends is the Frank Herbert novel titled Under Pressure, a sci-fi-psychology novel.  

Good luck finding your other story.

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