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Do you know of a database of SF plots?  I read some great books years ago & can't remember enough to track them down to re-read.  The 2 stories of which I'm thinking now involve regenerating the bodies of elderly to be soldiers and using DNA from the dead to clone soldiers. I think the 2nd title was something like 'ghost battalion'.  I've tried a lot of internet searches but can't get a hit.  Seems these were written as a series about 15 years ago. Can you help with either the general database/resource question or the specific one re. the 2 books?  Thank you for your time and consideration.

the only database I know of is for short stories and anthologies.  here's a link.  Good luck finding your story.

I remember reading this story about cloning bodies for soldiers, but unfortunately also can't remember the title or author.  

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Engineer who has read thousands of science fiction books and short stories. Can recommend stories on specific subjects and comment on technical feasibility. Especially good at older out-of-print books and authors.

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