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I picked up this book in a German second hand store, it's English but I can not remember the title or author.
It's based on an alien race whose ship has crashed, the story revolves around a female who I think is some kind of mechanic, the story also has a part about the alien elders who guide and make decisions for the race but they are addicted to a drug, I think it's blue but it could be green. The drug is created and supplied by a group of scientists who used to be part of the race but they left the ship and I think somehow mutated and they can excrete this highly addictive drug. They trade it with the race for something.

I'm really sorry it's vague but I lost this book a while ago and my searches everywhere else have lead to nothing.
Hope you can help.
Thanks so much for your time.

This may be two different short stories.  I remember reading the one about the aliens who excrete an addictive drug.  Check out this list (scroll down to Literature) and see if it's on it

Good luck finding your story.

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