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I read this short story in an old anthology I found. Unfortunately the anthology was probably a mix of different authors' stories, so I have no clue who wrote it. I've asked about it previously and someone suggested it might be one of Sheckley's, but I haven't managed to find anything similar by him.

I can only remember plot fragments, so I'll try my best to describe it:

I don't know the exact time or setting, but the story concerns the human race. Some humans have "evolved" or somehow gained the ability to leave their bodies and simply exist as a disembodied consciousness. They have bodies that they can use stored in warehouses (for some reason I remember these warehouses as being underwater but this could be completely wrong). These bodies are communally shared and they don't particularly enjoy using them. I believe the main protagonist is male and he has a wife (or maybe just a fellow female consciousness) who wants to use the prettier/nicer bodies. There is a war going on with regular humans, who are frightened of the disembodied people. The regular humans build two extremely beautiful and powerful bodies, which the protagonists are enticed by. They end up entering these bodies and the story ends with them getting trapped in them somehow.

I don't remember this being a particularly good story, so I doubt it won any awards that would help identify it...I've been searching for it for a while now and I'd appreciate any help. Thanks for your time!

I also read this story and unfortunately can't remember the author or title either.  

If you think you may know the author's name, you can try hunting in this index of SF short stories, listed by author.  Good luck.  

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