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I started a book and never finished it. It was written before 1983, possibly long before 1983. It was about a robot that was built by a man who gave the robot free will. The robot is traveling, exploring the world. He is described as having a "face" that is sort of an abstract interpretation of a face. It is not a replica of a human face. The robot is glad his maker did not give him a replica of a human face. Where human genitals would be, the robot has a box, possibly with some instruments or circuits inside. He remembers being activated by his maker, standing up and immediately walking out to explore. At some point, the robot is at some sort of inn or something similar and is given a bath by a girl or girls. That scene is sort of vaguely erotic but the robot, not being a sexual being, derives no pleasure from it. That's all I remember.

Never read this one.  Sorry.  The closest I can think of is the short story Centennial Man by Isaac Asimov, part of the excellent collections I, Robot and The Rest of the Robots (collectively sold as The Complete Robot).  It has nothing in common with the awful movie of the same title.  Good luck finding your story.

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