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Geoff, you have helped me before, but this might be a tough one.

Decades ago, I read a story about humans stationed on an alien planet where super-F5 tornadoes and monster hurricanes swept the planet on a daily basis. The human habitat was always under siege by the winds, but the humans persevered and did their research. The aliens were intelligent and friendly, and we're not concerned with the winds. They even had a form of wind-surfing!

The story concludes with the aliens packing up their stuff and saying goodbye. When the humans asked why, the aliens said the had to leave before the high winds season came in ...

Can you help me ID the story? Thanks in advance, sir.


The story you are looking for is by Robert Sheckley and is called "A Wind is Rising". The story is found online:-

If you want it in book-form it is in the following anthologies:-

There are also a number of Robert Sheckley SF short story anthologies in Kindle form on Amazon.


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