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I read a short story in a collection about 5 years ago, but the stories were much older. The one in the collection that stood out the most was the one that involved a ship of (i think) colonists landing on a planet, meeting a red haired native, and when he is allowed in, he has a virus that changes every man on the ship to be the same as him, due to the way that his people had figured out how to eat the native food. The last few lines are of a female of the same type knocking on the hatch.

I reckon this is the short story you are looking for:-

I loved the story when I first read it years ago. Katherine Maclean is one of only 2 female SF authors, imo, who could really appeal to a male audience as well.

The above short story is found in the following anthologies published  pre-1982:-

I unfortunately do not know which modern anthologies the short story appeared in.



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