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Science Fiction Books/titles of 3 SF short stories


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re: stories I read decades ago and want to reconnect with --

1. A futuristic version of a hipster runs down a dog and goes to the owner to apologize.  The incident haunts him, and he launches an investigation - discovers that immortality was achieved by a network of towers emitting a signal, but humans could not retain the extra memories, so "unnecessary" memories were expunged daily by an editing device that hangs around one's neck.

2. Two guys in a bar.  One tells the other that a device has been invented that produces hallucinations.  As the conversation ends we learn that the story teller has been hallucinating the guy he's been talking to.

3. A treatise on time travel - basically a conversation that states an idea that generally conflicts with most time travel ideas - that the slightest effect in the past changes the future.  This idea states that certain events are locked, and any attempt to change them will require the universe to take unlikely measures to keep them in place.  

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haven't read 1 or 3.  Have read several stories with plot of #2, but can't remember title or author of any. You might try Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories.

For #3, a story with similar plot is the novel The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov.

Good luck finding your stories.

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