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Valerie wrote at 2016-05-05 00:37:37
I also read this. It was driving me crazy wondering what it is. I had to search like a madman, too.

It is "Puppet Show" by Fredric Brown.

He is most famous for "Arena", which I read as a kid.

Valerie wrote at 2016-05-06 05:12:44
I also remember the story, and it was driving me so crazy that I did long and difficult searching. It is "Puppet Show" by Fredric Brown.

He is most famous (well, to me and Star Trek, anyway) for "Arena", which I read as a kid before seeing the Star Trek based on it.

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I have read most of the short stories and books produced by the Top 80-100 authors in the SF field, as well as more obscure authors such as Robert Sheckley, and can answer any queries regarding author, title or theme of a science fiction short story(or novel). I can also answer questions on the history and influence of Science Fiction past to present, as well as on specific SF genres such as Cyberpunk,Golden Age SF, H G Wells-style scientific romances etc. I do not answer questions about books/stories set in the Fantasy genre.


Am currently doing a writing course for writing Science Fiction Books, with the Writer's Bureau in the UK.<

Am considering becoming an amateur writer of Science Fiction. Other than that, no academic credentials, I simply have read a multitude of SF books and stories, with an emphasis on stories from H G Wells to the 1980s.

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