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I am unable to recollect the name or author of a short story I read as a child. It was a mystery, with people ( humans) from different colonies meeting ( on the moon perhaps?). The plot involved photographic film being destroyed by sunlight because it was left ( hidden) outside the window overnight.  The rationale was that the home planet of the person who did it was in darkness 6 months of the year, so this action would have had no effect on the film there. The person who solved the mystery I think was a professor on earth who hated space travel. It was a great collection of stories, and I'd love to read them again! I hope you can help me!

This is an excellent short story by Isaac Asimov called The Dying Night.  It is collected in several anthologies including

Nine Tomorrows
Asimovís Mysteries
The Best of Isaac Asimov

The top two are still in print and Nine Tomorrows is found in most public libraries.


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