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So Istarted reading a book several years ago that I cannot remember the title of. What I can remember is that it followed the story of a male soldier/warrior that starts in what I believe was a Roman time period. After a strange series of events he ends up in what is seminar to an alternate universe/planet and is taken prisoner by a utopian/gladiatorial society of beings that are much larger physically than normal humans and are a somewhat primative martial culture. He fights one and wins which leads him to be used as a combatant in this society's "games". He is almost like their pet but gains respect as he continues to prove his prowess. The main event I can remember is the protagonist leading a group in one of these "games" where the superior race give them a head start and essentially hunt them using all manner of tools and animals that I think we're similar to large kamodo Dragons.  That is all I can remember and any help would be appreciated. If it helps, I want to say the cover was a red themed desolate landscape with a partial face/eye shot of one of the aforementioned green kamodo Dragons.  Thank you for the help.

never read this one.  Sorry.  Sounds like one of the John Carter of Mars series.

I can recommend the Time Scout series by Robert Asprin, one of the books in the series has a gladiators-in-Rome theme.  Start with the first book Time Scout, then read the rest if you like it.

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