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Hi Sue,
I was thinking about tech from sci-fi that's actually come true, and was thinking about how tricorders and the pads they read from don't have cameras.

It made me wonder about how photos and photography have fit into sci-fi -- are there any sci-fi stories that mention the potential for cameras to become as ubiquitous as they are now?

The only example I could think of is in fantasy: Harry Potter. Photography is an important part of the story, and JK Rowling wrote it in as a natural part of their lives.

I can't think of a sci-fi story with a similar portrayal -- but my knowledge is limited to a few TV series and movies.

I'm very curious to hear what's out there.

Thanks! Paula

many such stories.  The best (in my opinion) is E for Effort and here is the Wikipedia entry

This story appears in the excellent anthology Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 2B

The other volumes in the Sience Fiction Hall of Fame are also well worth reading.  

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