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goooooooooooooooodddd bbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuy wrote at 2009-03-04 23:55:43
hi my name i garetyuhg and she is lying she is all wrong this is how you do this project first you buy safa bottles then you buy ballonz then you put the gfu hcnv nfhgvb nvhybf mnvkifib nbjhv jbjbu riegfxtud fgkudfbv hdfgdf adhgfzuxdgf.

Elena acuna wrote at 2014-05-08 00:00:14
I was told to do it with a balloon can you

Guys explain how to do this project p.s

I'm a 5th grader🐸thank you

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Dan Fink


Though my experience is mostly in the fields of electricity, magnetism, and physics, I have a broad science background. My career is in the field of alternative power sources -- solar, wind, water and battery power. But any questions about electricity, magnetism, energy conservation, power generation, electric motors, and even general physics are very welcome--especially from kids. They ask the best questions of all! I pride myself in answering science questions accurately, with ideas for SAFE, easy experiments that kids can perform by themselves--and that let them prove the answers to their own satisfaction. I think science should be fun, and available to everyone, regardless of age.


I have volunteered in our local public schools for 5 years. I currently make presentations at our schools about electricity and magnetism, with a focus on solar, wind, water and other alternative power sources. I try to demonstrate at our schools how easy it is to make electricity, with simple devices using spinning magnets and coils of wire--powered by wind, water, bicycles, gerbils...etc. And of course solar panels! I am the webmaster of, an alternative energy website. I have lived 10 miles from the nearest power pole for 11 years--I make all my own electricity from scratch with sun, wind and water.

Co author of the book "Homebrew Wind Power" ISBN 978-0-9819201-0-8
My articles appear regularly in such magazines as Home Power and Back Home
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BA Technical Journalism

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