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Rich2871 wrote at 2013-02-11 19:51:40
I have done something similar to this in an attempt to carbonate my old flat soda. I wanted to know how much I could put back into the soda once it was flat. What I did was measured a fresh bottle of soda on a scale (to 2 decimal points in grams) My original reading of a .591mL bottle of Coka Cola was 651.01 grams. I then shook it up multiple times, opening the cap after shaking. once I thoguht the bottle was flat I weighed it again and got 647.37 grams. I let the bottle sit for a couple days, releasing the pressure as needed, (warm soda releases CO2 faster than cold soda. Cold soda will absobe more CO2 than warm soda at the same pressure. After a week I took another measurement and got 646.59 grams, for a total weight of 4.42 grams of CO2 in a 0.591Ml soda bottle. I do not beleive there would be a differance from clear to dark soda but I will give it a try with a bottle of Sprite next time.

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