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I have to write the effect of difference solutions on tooth enamel.
1. what solutions should i use?
2. how would i record the effect on the tooth? (weight, density)

Hi Supriya,

Well first of all you will need teeth.  Real ones and you may be able to get them from a local dentist.  

You weigh each one before testing and place each into an emptied tea bag.  Reseal the tea bag and using a marker, number the bag with the number of the tooth so that you can keep track.  Also weigh the tooth with the tea bag.

You can use several solutions for the test.

Use distilled water
use milk
use lemon juice
use Coke Cola
use a detergent solution (like a laudry detergent)

hang the tea bag with the tooth in each solution.  

Remove the bag immediately and reweigh the bag wet.

Then every 6 to 8 hours weigh each bag wet and record the number and weight of the bag and the appearance of the tooth.

Continue to do so until the first tooth completely dissolves.  

The tooth in the distilled water should show no effects.  This is your control tooth.  

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