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I would like to know how the tongue works. I have a science fair coming up at school an I don't really know what to do please help me. sincerly Andrea

Hi Andrea,

The toung is just a muscle but over top of the muscle there is a thin layer which contains the taste buds.  The taste buds work with the Olfactory bulb in the nose to help you smell and taste.  With out the olfactory bulb most things would taste rather dull.  It is in combination that it allows us to really get the sense of a flavor.  

But if you want to do an interesting test, then your can look for "super tasters".  This is a genetic subset of people who have "extraordinary" tasting ability.  For instance, they can taste the bitterness of ear wax and the nasty aftertaste of artificial sweetners.  So, do some research on the internet about "super tasters" and what they can taste that the rest of us can't.  Then you can test your classmates to see which ones are super tasters.  

Of course work with your teacher to get all of the proper permissions and other paper work before doing any human testing.  This is very important.


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