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I was looking into the following science project topic for my 4th grade son:

Does the temperature of a soda affect how much it sprays?

-Should you use aluminum cans or plastic bottles?
-How do you measure how much the soda sprays to show data?


Use either aluminum or plastic, but be consistent.  It will be easier to open the aluminum cans without making a big mess.  I highly recommend doing this project outdoors because of the mess.

Here's the protocol that I recommend.  

1)  Put a bunch of cans in the refrigerator.  Leave one on the counter.

2)  Once all the cans are cooled, take the one on the counter and shake it for a set number of minutes (I suggest one minute) by the timer.
3)  Measure the temperature of the can on the counter.  Open the can (completely and rapidly) on the counter and stuff will squirt out.  Measure the amount of liquid remaining in the can with a measuring cup.
4)  Remove a can from the refrigerator and measure the temperature.  Shake it.  Open it, Measure the remaining liquid.
5)  Remove a can from the refrigerator and let it warm up a bit.  Measure the temperature.  Shake it.  Open it.  Measure the remaining liquid.
6)  repeat, letting cans warm up different amounts.  You may want to get multiple data points with multiple cans, all at the same temperature
7)  graph the results.  

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