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Science for Kids/Which grocery bag holds more weight ?


Hello, we ask the questions. Thinking of just placing different things in the bags one at a time and seeing how much it will take to tear one up. Any thoughts?

Hi nikki
Is this from the same second grader who wanted to experiment with soda pop?
All I can suggest is to keep adding things  until the bag tears. I would load only heavy stuff like canned goods and pick up the bag in the same way by grasping at the top. Some paper bags are thicker then others so you would have to be sure the thickness was the same.
I don't know if I mentioned it when you asked about soda but with scientific method a hypothesis (educated guess) is stated before you start and it is not in the form of a question.
For example:
  Bag A can hold more weight before tearing then Bag B

This is Great. Besides teaching my colleges I meet once a week with autistic 3rd and 4th graders doing hands-on. They are remarkable.  

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