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  My 2nd grader wants to find out if there is a difference when we shake and open different types of soda pops. My question is how do you measure the "explosion" or "outburst of the differnt soda, after we shake adn open it?

Hi nikki
How great is it that a second grader express such curiosity and a parent that encourages it.
I think it is possible to design and experiment and to actually get a kind of a measurement. You would have to see how far the soda would shoot out forwards. You will need; A hard dry surface, a yard or meter stick and the sodas to test.
Draw a line as a starting point. Shake the can and hold with the top forward when opening it. Measure the distant it went. A scientific study  requires controls so it is important that each can is shaken equally and that the top of the can is held at the some point on your line when opened. To make this a true scientific experiment ask you child to make a hypothesis, a guess about which type of soda will shoot farther
I have no idea what the results will be since I have never tried this. Let me know what happens


The bowl is a good is a good idea if it catches all the soda

To make this a true scientific experiment

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