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sir may i want to know that which are the basic principle on which the monorail run on single track?
And if its possible than also suggest me how can i make the small working model of monorail for my college project

Hi Akshay,

Unlike a train with two rails, a monorail uses only one.  It is in reality not a track but rather a "race" way.  There are two types, one is a wheeled vehicle that uses complex rubber tires to "hold" in the race way track and  the other type is a mag-lev.  The Mag-Lev is a system of super strong magnetic fields that also provide motive force to the train's systems.  They have rubber tires as well but during operation these do not touch the track at all.  If you have ever played with magnets, the principle is one of magnetic resistance (north pushing away north).  Since these powerful magnets are both on the track system and on the train cars, when "charged" they push away from each other.

Consider using Lego building blocks and magnets to make a short track with a "car" with magnets on board that will life from the magnets in the track.

Or one that runs on tires pressed aginst a central rail.  

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